whitneys-miltank asked:

TAG! YOU'RE IT! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself, then go to 10 favorite blogs and tell them they are it! :)

I will state 5 random facts about holly because she is way more interesting than me and much cuter

1. holly is TWO YEARS OLD when I started this blog she was 5 months old; how about that

2. holly has a terrible deadly bee allergy and she can’t go to the dog park anymore :( fortunately she has lots of friends that come over and play with her

3. I took holly for a walk around my old college campus yesterday and EVERY SINGLE PERSON that we passed stop to pet her except one and she turned and barked at him because what was he thinking really

4. holly starts the night sleeping under the covers by my feet and when I wake up in the morning her face is on my face

5. once I went into the grocery store for a hot second and left holly in the car, and she literally jumped up onto the steering wheel and honked the horn when she saw me coming back

BONUS FACT: she’s sitting in my lap right now and I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH UGH I’m never going home I swear